What Are the Benefits of Double Glazing Your Windows and Doors

Did you know that temperatures can rise to over 40 degrees in Australia?

Such temperatures can be unbearable and can even cause heatstroke. It is therefore important to protect yourself from such extreme conditions.

Double glazed windows are now a popular method of regulating indoor temperatures.

Are you planning to move to Sydney? Don’t worry about the heat. In this article, we shall discuss some of the benefits of double glazing that make it the go-to option for many people.

Temperature Regulation

Also known as Insulated Glass Units (IGUs), double glazed windows and doors have two panes of glass separated by a spacer.

In between the panes, there is a layer of gas. This design enables them to function as thermal barriers between your house and the environment.

During the summer, double glazed windows will provide insulation from the extremely hot temperatures. The hot rays of the sun which penetrate single glazed windows will be trapped thus making your home cool.

50-70% of the heat in your house is lost to the environment during winter. With double glazed windows, your house will be warmer during cold seasons as heat loss will be reduced.

Reduce Energy Costs

As discussed double glazed windows help in keeping the temperature in your house ideal. This, therefore, reduces on HVAC systems which are expensive to run. You can, therefore, expect lower energy bills.

Act as Noise Insulators

Your home should be a peaceful haven. It should be easy to relax and unwind from a busy day at work. However, this can be impossible if you live in a noisy neighbourhood, or near busy roads or under a flight path.

With a double glazed home, outside noise will be remarkably reduced.

Enhanced Security

Compared to single glazed windows, double glazed panes are more challenging to break into. They are also harder to forcefully open from the outside.

Simply put, they reduce the vulnerability of windows as entry points for intruders.

By using laminated or toughened glass, your security will be raised a notch higher thus affording you peace of mind.

Protects Your Property from Harmful UV light

Exposure to UV rays in sunlight causes gradual fading on fabric. This is why most furniture, carpets, and home décor near windows tend to look older than in other areas of the house.

Double glazing reduces UV ray penetration and thus protects the interior of a home. However, to beef up your UV protection, it is advisable to add a UV window film.

Reduces Condensation

When the windows are cooler than the interior temperature in your house, moisture will condense on your window panes. That’s why you notice some droplets of water on the windows especially early in the morning.

This may seem harmless, but condensation poses serious health risks as the droplets can lead to mould and mildew as well as cause wooden frames to rot. The effect of condensation is even worse in older homes.

The interior pane in double glazed windows is closer to room temperature than the panes of single glazed windows.

This feature helps reduce the risk of condensation and the maintenance and repair costs that come with mould damage.

Easy to Maintain

Some people to assume that double glazed panes are difficult to clean and maintain. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Though build up of dust can lead to discoloration, manufacturers equip the panes with easy to clean technology which also helps to break down dirt and keep your windows clean and sparkling.

It is essential that you avoid abrasive cleaning methods so that you do not compromise the qualities of the glass.

Gives Your House a Modernised Look with an Increased Curb Appeal

Double glazing is a perfect way of increasing the visual appeal of a property. There are lots of options to choose from to suit almost any taste.

These panes are shiny and help modernize the look of a house. However, you can install double glazed windows without compromising the original look of a house.

There are also double glazed panes designed to mimic the appearance of single glazed windows. This is especially important when it comes to renovating buildings with an architectural or historical significance.

Environmental Benefits of Double Glazing

Most of our energy needs are satisfied by fossil fuels. However, they come at a high cost. Their Co2 emissions deplete the ozone layer and facilitate global warming which has adverse effects on the environment.

By reducing energy consumption and hence Co2 emissions, double glazing helps in environmental conservation.

Increases the Resale Value of Your Property

Double glazing has many benefits to your home. It makes it more comfortable to live in, improves security, reduces energy costs, provides insulation from noise, and beautifies a house.

All these are factors that make the property more desirable to buyers and thus increasing its value.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Double Glazing Windows

Double glazed windows vary in various aspects which affect their performance and durability. Be sure to consider the following factors when making a choice.

1. The Amount of Space Between the Panes

Ordinarily, panes have a 6-20 mm spacing between them.

For optimum thermal performance, you will require one with a minimum spacing of 12mm. For noise control, space should be at least 150mm.

Such large spaces will allow convection to occur between the panes which will affect reduce insulation properties.

2. Element Used in the Space Between the Panes

The space between the panes is filled and the windows completely sealed. This helps in insulation by limiting the transfer of cold air into your house.

If gas is used to fill this space, the thermal and acoustic performance of the windows will increase. Argon is the most commonly used as it is a poor conductor thus great for insulation.

3. Type of Glass

Different types of glass such as low-e and laminated or thicker laminated glass can be used to boost performance in various aspects.

Low-e and laminated glass are great for energy and noise control. Thicker glass is better for improving acoustic performance.

Are Double Glazed Windows Worth it?

Though they are more expensive than single glazed windows, the benefits of double glazing greatly outweigh the costs.

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