7 Good Reasons Aluminium Doors Make the Ideal Options Every Time

Aluminium doors are the smart choice for Australians who need a strong, secure entrance way with great insulation.

This durable metal has incredible chemical properties. This makes it able to last through very harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures and lots of physical stress.

When combined with the very best construction technology, this makes aluminium doors an investment. Installing them can significantly improve the quality of your building.

Do you want to keep out dust and protect your home from break-ins and extreme weather conditions?

Do you want to whilst saving money on your energy bills?

If this sounds good to you, then you should consider aluminium doors. In this post, we’ll share 7 reasons why these doors are the best option.

1. Aluminium Doors Are Strong, Safe And Stable

Aluminium’s strength to weight ratio is superior to steel. Aluminium is also very stable, meaning it stays strong in changing temperatures. It won’t warp or buckle with exposure to the natural elements.

This is not only good news for those concerned about Australia’s unpredictable climate. It also makes it an excellent material for a secure entranceway.

To improve on this natural security, our doors include toughened glass as standard. They also have PAS 024 Accreditation for “Doors of Enhanced Security”. This means that we have tested them against the most common forms of breaking and entering used by burglars. They also include welded frames, multi-point locking, security bolts and anti-drill cylinder guards

2. Let In The Light

Because of their strength, Aluminium door frames and windows can hold much larger panes of glass than other materials like wood.

Want floor to ceiling windows or doors for your sun deck? Aluminium is your best bet for a stylish design without ruining the effect with a bulky frame.

If you’re afraid of the harmful effects of UV rays, you can rest assured. We apply our protective Low E coat to the inside pane on all our windows. This reflects 75% of UV rays, keeping you safe whilst bathing your home in natural light.

3. Lightweight Protection From The Elements

Aluminium is one third the weight of steel, making it the ideal choice for folding and sliding doors.

Since it’s so light, your doors will be quick to install and easy for you to open and close, even during storms and high wind conditions.

Because this metal can be made so thin without losing its strength, our aluminium doors fit very snugly in their frames. This reduces noise and dust from the outside world is reduced by up to 80%.

Great news for your health and keeping the outside where it belongs – besides those beautiful views, of course!

Our double-glazed windows and doors also conform to Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 40. This makes them perfect for anyone living in New Zealand or Australia.

4. Durable And Low Maintenance

Living somewhere vulnerable to fires or flooding? Aluminium is resistant to corrosion in all weather conditions.

Unlike wood, the surface doesn’t need “sealing” with paint or varnish (both highly combustible materials). This makes them a great choice for anyone living in a bushfire-prone area, or near to the sea.

To avoid rust, you only need to treat your doors very rarely. On the occasion that you need to do maintenance, small touch-up coats are very easy to apply to any minor flaws. The long-term upkeep of your doors will be a breeze.

5. Aluminium Is A Great Insulator

Good news for homeowners whose properties get lots of sunlight in the Summer and worry about it getting chilly in the colder months: aluminium is an incredibly thermally efficient material. This can help you to regulate the temperature of your home with ease.

Our Double Glazed UPVC Doors offer the best insulation available in Australia. thanks to their airtight seal with multi-locking hardware. They reduce energy loss by up to 80% with double glazing where one of the panes is slightly thicker. This is the technology we use for all of our double-glazed doors and windows. They also have an airtight seal with multi-locking hardware. This will make it easy to keep your home the perfect temperature and save you plenty of money on your heating and air con bills.

6. Stylish Design

Building technology has come a long way since the eighties when aluminium door and window frames were clunky and unattractive. Many preferred steel above aluminium for this reason alone, in spite of it being the inferior choice.

Nowadays, we can customise aluminium to a range of colours and finishes. Our options provide a sleek, modern appearance that complements your building. Don’t think that aluminium doors have to look cold and industrial!

You can even choose to have aluminium doors that look like wood, only without the high maintenance of timber.

Their slimline design also allows you to maximise the space inside your home by folding or sliding them neatly out of the way.

7. Eco-Friendly And Affordable

In contrast to materials like steel, which are alloys (mixtures of other raw metals) aluminium is a pure element and retains its excellent properties when melted down and reused. It also takes only a small amount of the energy to recycle aluminium as is needed to extract the raw material from the mined ore.

This means aluminium can be recycled many times, maintaining its strength and purity. This also makes it a low-cost material.

When you choose aluminium doors for your home, you’ll be keeping your carbon footprint low whilst also saving those bucks!

The Most Reliable Material

Whether you live near the ocean or in the heart of the city, aluminium exterior doors are the best choice. You’ll keep your building safe and secure whilst looking stylish and modern.

We build our aluminium doors to withstand Australia’s harshest weather conditions and they are so reliable that we provide a 10-year warranty.

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