Winter Windows to Save You Money

Depending on location, the winter months often test our physical and mental resolve with drops in temperature, rainfall and lack of sunshine becoming the norm. As we switch from trying to stay cool to heating the family home, it’s time to consider the cost of keeping warm. The energy bill doesn’t have to skyrocket due to the heater blaring, and you don’t have to sit in a cold house wrapped in blankets to cut costs.

Want the ideal alternative?

uPVC double glazed windows and doors are a simple, effective solution to your home heating problems. They efficiently keep the home warmer by reducing heat loss through windows and doors, while consequently lowering the cost of energy bills. Double glazing your property is never more relevant than this time of year as we head into the cold stretch.

So, how does double glazing work?

Double glazed windows are a dual pane, single frame setup, creating a gap between the two glass panes. This is filled with argon gas – creating an insulating barrier – disallowing heat to get out and cool air to get in. Although a simple process, double glazing can potentially reduce energy loss by 80%.

Until recently, double glazing was considered an exclusive, expensive feature of high-end homes, unachievable for the average homeowner. Ecovue’s range of affordable double glazed doors and windows makes these products accessible to anyone looking to efficiently heat their new or existing home while saving on energy bills, year-round.

There are additional benefits to investing in double glazed products –

· Soundproofing – double glazing can reduce noise by up to 80%. A standard window is 3mm thick, hardly enough to keep noise out. Double glazing windows and doors creates a barrier nearly 4 times thicker, making it impenetrable to noise.

· Security – Reinforced steel, welded frames and toughened glass make Ecovue’s range far more criminal-proof.

· Bushfire safe

· Consistent, comfortable temperature

· Colour range to suit your home’s style

The initial cost of double glazing is an investment for intelligent homeowners. Over time, Ecovue doors and windows save you money through ongoing savings to energy bills and overall property value as the market moves towards more energy efficient homes.

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