Blind Trust: The Benefits of Double Glazed Windows with Built-In Blinds

Window blinds are necessary for Australian homes. They provide protection from UV rays and glaring sunlight. And they are a great alternative to curtains.

But not all blinds are equal. Read on to learn why windows with built-in blinds are superior to traditional blinds.

Clean Blinds All the Time

When you have blinds inside windows, your blinds don’t collect dust, grease, or dirt.

You won’t have to wash curtains or wipe down blinds ever. Think of all the time you will save!

And if you weren’t one for cleaning blinds in the first place, think of how clean your blinds will finally look.

Having blinds that are locked between two panes of glass will also protect them from wet weather and the bleaching effect of the sun. They will last much longer than blinds that aren’t built in.

Better for Allergy Sufferers

If anyone in your home has allergies or asthma, windows with internal blinds are the best option.

Traditional blinds are a magnet for dust, hair, and other airborne allergens. But with blinds inside windows, dust can’t settle on them.

Windows with built-in blinds are also best for those who have weak immune systems or chronic illnesses. The fewer pollutants in the house, the better for everyone’s health.

Simple to Operate

Integrated blinds inside windows and doors are easy to use. Say goodbye to fastidiously pulling a cord at a precise angle to avoid a lopsided blind.

You can raise or lower these blinds just by sliding a small control up or down. There is also a tilt function so that you can adjust the blinds to let in the amount of light you want.

Magnets inside the double glass move the blinds in sync with how you adjust the control zone. There is no finicky parts and no learning curve. You’ll love how quick and easy it is to get your blinds just the way you want them.

Safe for Children and Pets

Blinds with cords are extremely dangerous for children and pets.

Even though manufacturers are required to place a safety label on blinds, the threat to children remains high.

Nearly 17,000 small children were injured by window blinds between 1990 and 2015. And although most of these injuries were mild, almost 300 died.

The biggest risk is to children between the ages of 1 and 4 years old.

It seems that awareness and warning labels are not enough. If you have young children at home or who come to visit, put their safety first. Avoid using blinds with cords in your home.

Windows with built-in blinds are completely cordless. They are the safest blinds available for your pets and children.

Increased Privacy and Noise Control

Double-pane windows with built-in blinds offer you a greater level of privacy than other options on the market. For one thing, the double layer of glass reduces the amount of noise that comes into your home from outside.

Double glazing on windows can reduce noise by up to 80%. You won’t hear the sounds of busy streets or your neighbours when you install double-pane windows.

And secondly, the blinds, even when open, offer more privacy than open curtains.

Better Light Control

Windows with built-in blinds allow you to adjust, diffuse, redirect or block light. Curtains can’t do all of these things.

Having blinds that allow you to open, close, or tilt them in any direction gives you a versatile method of adjusting the natural light in your space. You can block out all light or just keep the glare out of people’s eyes by tilting the shades up or down.

Increased Longevity

Blinds inside of two layers of glass will last longer than traditional blinds. The glass protects the blinds from wear and tear.

Blinds often break over time, especially if you have kids or pets who accidentally bend or twist the slats. On the other hand, the slats of built-in blinds will always be in the correct alignments and can’t be bent out of shape.

Homeowners typically replace blinds every four years. Built-in blinds may come with up to a 20-year warranty.

Built-In Blinds Won’t Slam Shut

Traditional blinds sway with the movement of doors and windows. This results in a flapping against the door whenever a door is opened or closed.

The blinds can make a loud slamming sound if the door is closed forcefully. This is not only loud but can damage your blinds.

You won’t have that issue with built-in blinds. They will always remain neatly inside the door without making a sound.

Blends in with Your Decor

Windows and doors with built-in blinds blend in seamlessly to whatever decor you have in your space. Unlike curtains and traditional blinds, internal blinds don’t take away from the aesthetic appeal of your window casings and frames.

More Energy Efficient

Double-pane windows are more energy efficient than single pane. Experts estimate that 70% of energy loss occurs through windows and doors.

Having double-pane glass in your home will help you better regulate the temperature in your home.

Also, the blinds add an extra layer of insulation to your windows. That makes them even more energy efficient.

You will lower your cooling bill by installing double-pane windows throughout your home.

Final Thoughts on Windows with Built-In Blinds

Thanks for reading. We hope this article has helped outline the many benefits of choosing windows with built-in blinds.

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