How Double Glazing Windows Can Save You Money

Double glazing windows are a tried and tested way of cutting down on the carbon footprint of your home while saving you money.

How does double glazing save you money? The simple answer is it increases the energy efficiency of your home.

Double glazing works to reduce heat loss from your home in the colder months, and conversely, works to keep your home cooler in the warmer months.

Learn more about how double glazing windows work, how they’re constructed, and why they’re worth the investment in the guide below!

The Science Behind Double Glazing Windows

Double glazing windows are created by pumping either normal air or a specialized heavy gas between two panes of glass.

While these windows still let in the same amount of sunlight as regular, single-glazed windows, they are far better at holding in heat.

Nowadays, most homes are pre-installed with double glazed windows as a standard feature in order to increase the energy efficiency of the home.

But if you’re the owner of an older home and looking to update your window system, double glazing really is the way to go!

Understandably, you may not be able to afford double glazing windows throughout your entire home. So to cut down on costs you can prioritise main areas of your home, such as the lounge area, main bedroom, and kitchen.

In general, most double glazed units carry a warranty of up to 25 years. But this can be halved for north or south facing windows which are heavily exposed to the elements and direct sunshine.

Increased Energy Efficiency

So, how do double glazed windows work to reduce your carbon footprint as a home and increase your energy efficiency?

With a simple principle known as thermal efficiency, double glazed window ratings range from A to G. An A+ rating represents the best thermal efficiency.

An A+ thermal efficiency means that there should be no less than 16 mm spacing between the two panes of window glass. Specialised inert gas, such as argon, is pumped into this cavity to increase thermal efficiency.

Metallic separators are also used to keep the two panes of glass apart while reducing heat transfer from the inside to the outside of your home.

Reduced Heat Loss

Did you know that up to 40% of the heat in your home can be lost through windows and skylights? This is where double glazing comes in to dramatically reduce this.

While double glazed windows may cost more to install, almost all of your insulations costs can be saved over the lifetime of double glazed windows. This is why their installation should be viewed as a long-term investment. They also add to the resale value of your home.

Specialised trickle vents, which are a requirement of double glazed window installation, also help to reduce condensation build up in cold weather.

Essentially, these vents help to control ventilation of fresh air through your home, without too much heat loss.

Keeping Your Home Cool

On the flip side, double glazed windows also preserve the cooler air within your home in the summer months, while reducing heat radiation from the sun.

The extra layer of glass acts as a buffer between heat generated from the elements while minimising cool air transfer to the outside of your home. It’s important to remember that air must be periodically circulated throughout your home for a healthy living environment! This is especially important for a home that is gas heated during the winter.

Reduced External Noise

Aside from keeping your home both warm and cool when it matters most, double glazing windows are your answer to a more peaceful home.

The double layer window panes help to reduce sound transfer from both the inside and outside of your home.

As such, external noise from the road, sidewalk, and neighbours is lowered, making for a quieter living environment.

Saving Money with Double Glazing Windows

If you’re considering the installation of double glazing windows for your home, it will be one of your best long-term investments.

Double glazed windows need to get installed from the inside of your home, rather than the outside. This makes them easier to replace if needed.

Once they’re installed, winter condensation will be reduced. This saves you money on your interior decor costs, window frame replacement costs, and overall energy costs.

While category A+ glazed windows are the best for thermal efficiency, grade B double glazing is also very efficient.

The cost of double glazed window installation and heating or cooling your home is closely related. The initial investment can greatly reduce both your heating and cooling bill each month.

These energy efficient windows also work to reduce peak heating and cooling loads by up to 30% over an extended period, leading to even more savings.

The Australian Window Association has developed a tool to help homeowners calculate their estimated cost savings with energy efficient windows.

Thermal insulation aside, they also add to the security of your home, offering greater physical protection against weather damage or burglaries.

What to Look for in Top Quality Double Glazed Windows

For windows that are truly worth every single penny, it’s important to look for these qualities:

1. Insulated Frames

Opt for window frames crafted from some form of insulating material, such as uPVC or wood. These types of frames of less likely to attract condensation and lose heat, when compared to aluminium frames.

In comparison, aluminium frames reduce window heat loss by 20%, whereas uPVC and wooden frames reduce heat loss by up to 40%.

2. Low-E Glass

This is more formally known as low-emissivity glass which works to simultaneously allow light and heat into a room. It also works to reflect escaping heat back into the room.

Double glazed windows crafted from low-emissivity glass reduce window heat loss by 20-30%.

3. Adequate Window Seals

This is especially important in helping to reduce heat loss through the seals of your newly installed windows. As such, make sure your windows are installed with multiple layers of seals to keep draughts, condensation, and noise out.

4. Plastic or Stainless Steel Spacers

Spacers are the elements used to keep each window pane apart from the other.

Make sure these spacers are crafted from plastic or stainless steel, rather than aluminium. These materials work better at reducing heat loss and keeping condensation at bay.

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