What is Double Glazing? Here’s Why You Should Consider it For Your Home

Are you constantly seeing sky-high power bills for your home’s electricity use? You’re not alone.

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s International Energy Efficiency Scorecard ranked Australia 18th in the world for energy efficiency. Australia’s energy efficiency ranking fell two spots from 16 in 2016. Australia now stands behind India, Indonesia, and China.

With winter’s cool weather giving way to predicted warmer than usual spring temperatures, now is the time to consider new ways to make your home more energy efficient. One great way to save money on your power bill is to replace your old windows with double glazed windows.

What is double glazing? Read on to learn more.

What is Double Glazing?

Double glazing is a method of constructing windows that are energy efficient. It has its origins in 19th Century Scotland to protect homes from the bitter winter cold.

Modern double glazing began in the US in 1930 by C.D. Haven. It became a luxury product during the 1950s. It is considered a key element of an energy efficient home today.

Standard windows only have one pane of glass, but double glazed windows have two panes. The two panes are set in a frame and separated by a layer of air or inert gas. The air or gas is sealed between the two panes, making them airtight, and insulates your home against outside heat or cold.

Benefits of Double Glazed Windows and Doors

There are many benefits to double glazed windows including energy efficiency, more comfortable home temperatures, reduced outside noise, and increased security.

Prevents Heat Loss & Keeps Hot Air Out

Do you find yourself roasting in the kitchen when the afternoon sun comes through the windows? That’s because most single pane windows do little to stop heat energy from the sun from entering your home.

There’s a pretty complex scientific reason for this. The short explanation is that heat energy from the sun radiates into your home and the walls and windows prevent it from escaping. Up to 87% of the heat in your home comes from the sun coming through the windows.

Energy inefficient windows are also responsible for up to 40% of heat loss during the cooler winter months. Outside cold alters the temperature of single pane windows and transfers it inside the home. Homeowners end up paying more for heat due to this.

Double glazed windows are effective because they act as a barrier to outside temperatures. They reflect heat energy back out before it can enter your home. The thicker glass also prevents heat energy from passing through. The pocket of air or gas prevents outside temperatures from affecting the panes.

Energy Savings

You’ll use less energy countering the effects of outside temperatures entering your home. If less heat is getting in during the summer, then your cooling unit won’t have to work as hard to cool your home. The same is true with heating units during the winter.

You also won’t have to shut your curtains or blinds to block out outside temperatures. This means you’ll use natural light instead of turning on the lights in your home during the day.

Reduces Outside Noises

The air gap between the panes of double glazed windows reduces the transmission of outside noises into your home. The thicker the panes of glass and the wider the gap between the panes, the less outside noise you’ll hear.

Increased Security

Single pane glass windows make it quite easy for intruders to enter your home. Double glazed windows put two panes of glass between intruders and you. Double glazed windows are available in many different forms, including toughened glass that is more difficult to break.

Do Double Glazed Windows Get Condensation Between the Panes?

A lot of single paned windows suffer from condensation when the weather cools at night. Excessive condensation eventually leads to the growth of mould and fungus inside your home. Double glazed windows solve this issue.

Double glazed windows are rimmed with a material that absorbs moisture and prevents most fog and condensation. A small amount of condensation is normal from time to time and isn’t cause for worry.

How Often Should I Replace My Double Glazed Windows?

There is no set amount of time for replacement. After some time the gas or air between the panes will start leaking out and reduce their effectiveness. You can generally expect your double glazed windows to be effective for 20-35 years.

If you have older double glazed windows in your home, contact us to see if it’s time for them to be replaced.

What Types of Windows Can Be Double Glazed?

Virtually any type of window can be double glazed! Not sure which one works best for your home? Here are a few examples of the types of windows and doors that are commonly double glazed.

Tilt and Turn

Tilt and turn windows open inward from the top, but can also open from the side like a standard hinged window. They seal on all four sides, increasing their noise reduction and security.


Fixed windows are large windows meant to bring natural light into a home. They don’t open but are great for homeowners who want to take in the view from their home without sacrificing energy efficiency or security.


Awning windows open outward from the bottom and use friction stays to stay open. They work well for homeowners who enjoy fresh air and can be customized to suit your preferences.

Hinged and Sliding Doors

Just like windows, hinged and sliding doors can be double glazed. They come in a variety of styles and colours to suit every home.

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What is double glazing? A great way to save money on future power bills and to keep your home cooler, safer, and quieter. The benefits of double glazed windows and doors go on for years after installation.

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