3 Double Glazed Window Myths, Debunked

Double glazed windows are more energy efficient, more secure, and better for the environment than normal windows.

Or are they?

As it turns out, there are a lot of misconceptions about double glazed windows out there.

Take a look at this guide to learn the truth about these three double glazed window myths.

What Are Double Glazed Windows?

Double glazed windows have two panes of glass fitted into a UPVC frame. A spacer holds these two panes about 12mm to 16mm apart, and the space between them is filled with regular air or argon gas.

Double glazed windows create an airtight seal that separates your home from the outside world.

The layer of air between the glass serves as insulation. It prevents cold or hot air from entering or escaping your home which in turn makes your house both more comfortable and energy efficient.

Myth #1: The Building Code Requires Double Glazed Windows

The Building Code of Australia requires every home to reach a certain degree of energy efficiency, and the windows play a large part in this efficiency. But double glazed windows aren’t the only way to get there.

In fact, the design of the window doesn’t matter as much as usage and performance. As long as the window meets the right performance levels, you can choose any kind of window you want.

When you’re moving into a new home or making renovations, don’t assume you have to choose double glazed windows. Although these windows come with many benefits that let them outshine other windows, the Building Code of Australia doesn’t mandate them.

Myth #2: Double Glazed Windows Always Have Better U-Value Levels Than Other Windows

The amount of heat that gets through a window is measured by the U-value. A window with good insulation and heat flow resistance will have a low U-valve. A window that lets a lot of heat escape will have a high U-vale.

Double glazed windows have two layers or glass and an insulation of air between them, so it must have low U-value levels. Right?

In most cases, that’s true.

But double glazed windows can have a range of difference efficiencies, so you have to be careful.

Cheap or low-quality double glazed windows might not be any better than good quality single glazed windows. If you want all the benefits of a double glazed window, you can’t the bottom of the line windows.

Myth #3: Double Glazed Windows Aren’t Good for the Environment

Double glazed windows use twice as much glass than other types of windows, and they also include materials like spacers that aren’t needed in other windows. Because it takes more energy to make double glazed windows, you might think they have a harmful effect on the rest of the environment.

But these materials have a natural, long lifespan. Once they do get old or damaged, you can recycle the entire window.

The insulation that comes with double glazed windows keeps heat from seeping out of your home as well. This means you don’t have to use as much energy to keep the house warm.

Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

Apart from being good for the environment and having low U-valves, double glazed windows have a lot of other benefits. These benefits can make your home more comfortable, safer, and less expensive.

Here’s a quick look at some of the other benefits that come with double glazed windows.

Save You Money

When the heat leaks out of your house, you have to spend extra money to keep the house warm. Since double glazed windows keep heat from escaping through the windows, you won’t have to use as much energy during the cold months.

This means you won’t have to spend as much money on your energy bills.

Sound Insulation

The insulation that protects your home from heat loss also creates a barrier between you and the noise outside. While this doesn’t cancel all sounds, it does do a good job of preventing high to medium frequency noises from finding their way inside (or outside). This means you won’t overhear things like human conversations, and your neighbours won’t be able to listen to you and your family.

Increased Security

It’s harder to break through two panes of glass than it is to shatter a single pane. By installing double pane windows in your home, you’re giving yourself better security.

But check the type of double glazed window before you buy it. Double glazed windows that have beading on the outside aren’t as secure. Burglars can pop the window out of place and enter your home.

Most double glazed windows don’t have the beading on the outside anymore. As you’re looking for double glazed windows, make sure the beading is on the inside.

No More Condensation

Most windows get some amount of condensation during the winter months. However, double glazed windows have a trickle vent that allows a tiny bit of air to get through the windows. This prevents any condensation from forming on the glass.

If your panes are old or damaged, you might notice condensation build up between the layers of glass. When this happens, you’ll have to replace the glass to get rid of the problem.

In most cases, you won’t have to worry about this problem, at least not for several years.

Understanding Double Glazed Windows

There are a lot of common misconceptions about double glazed windows out there. Unlike popular belief, the Building Code doesn’t require every home to install them.

And just because they use more materials than other windows, they aren’t harmful to the environment. In fact, they are environmentally friendly because they reduce the amount of energy each home needs. These windows will also make your home more secure, soundproof outside noises, save you money, and get rid of condensation.

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