7 Things You Need to Know About Double Glazing Your Windows

Double glazing your windows can prevent a 70 percent heat loss in the summer and provide a 75 percent heat gain in the winter. These savings on your power bill is just one of the many benefits to double glazing.

If this has your curiosity peaked here are seven things you will need to know before having them installed in your home.

1. What Is Double Glazing

Back when windows were only made with a single pane of glass, they were terrible insulators. The reason for this is because they were only a few millimetres thick. It made it easy for cold and hot air to pass right on through. You can imagine this makes temperature control in the home very difficult.

Double glazing is the perfect solution to this problem. It uses two panes of glass with a small air gap between them. This match made in heaven makes the windows much stronger insulators and keeps the temperature inside the home much more regulated.

2. How Does This Work

Now that you know what double glazing does, you might be asking how it does work? Whenever there is a significant difference in temperature between inside and outside, heat tends to flow through the weakest points in the home.

In the summer, heat will drift from the outside in and in the winter it leaks out for example. Double glazing slows this heat flow. The thicker glass makes it more difficult for heat to pass through it, and the air gap provides a barrier to block it.

From a scientific perspective, when it’s hot, molecules move quickly which fans out the heat just a fast. Air molecules are spread out so, it’s hard for them to expand as quickly when faced with a solid mass. Having the air gap stops the heat movement in its tracks.

3. What Are The Different Types of Double Glazing

There are a few different types of double glazing. Which one is best depends completely on the weather conditions and the climate in which you live?

Standard Double Glazing

This is simply two panes of your standard glass. It’s suitable for most climates and weather conditions.

Smart Glass

Smart glass is a low e-glass. It has a protective anti-glare film to reflect the harsh rays of the sun and reduce heat gain during the miserable summer months. It greatly increases the insolation of the window.

Thermal Glazing

You want to get thermal glazing if you live in a really harsh climate. Thermal glazing uses smart glass in either double or triple glazing units and can increase the insolation of your window by about 68 percent.

4. Can I Double Glaze My Existing Windows

You can add a second pane of glass to the outside of many already existing windows. This can be a costly process and it may not look the way you want it.

Most glaziers will recommend that you just go ahead and replace the entire unit. It will run you about the same cost, and you get a brand new, longer lasting window out of the deal.

5. How Much Will it Cost Me

The cost of the glazing will depend on what type you choose, the frame, and the quality of the product.

Before deciding to have the unit installed calculate how much you will save on your energy bill vs. how long the procedure will take to pay off. Here is a list of factors that will affect your total.

  • The type of glass: Plain glass or smart glass.
  • The Thickness of the glass.
  • A double or triple glazing unit.
  • Aluminium or timber frames.
  • If you get any other glass treatments such as frosting, or tinting.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that determine the cost which means there is a lot you need to decide. It will pay for itself in the end by making your home less acceptable to noise and, it increases the property value when you’re ready to sell the home.

6. Your Home Will Be A Lot Quieter

It may vary depending on the unit that you have installed, and the materials that are used but, you’re sure to have less noise coming in.

Thanks to the vacuum or gas-filled interior space of the unit, sound is less likely to pass through as it might with ordinary windows or walls. Installing a unit will take care of those noisy neighbours for you. More sleep pays for itself right?

7. The Home’s Property Value Will Increase

When you’re ready to sell your home, it will go faster than a home without a unit. People like saving money so having an energy efficient home, that will save them a few bucks on the power bill is desired.

In short, glazed windows are a serious economic asset and potential customers will jump on the chance to take advantage.

Consider Double Glazing Your Windows

There are a ton of pros that come with double glazing your windows, the biggest one is that it makes your home more energy efficient which will drop that hefty power bill down. There are a few different types, each provides different benefits, depending on your climate.

Stop running your power bill up in the summer by leaving five fans on every night, or by leaving the heat on all day during the winter. Just install a double glazing unit.

If you’re interested in getting a unit for your home, visit our website to get a free quote today.


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