10 Awesome Benefits to Glazing Your Windows

Heating and cooling costs make up about 40% of energy use for the average Australian household.

That’s almost half of your household energy use. But what if there was a way to make your home more energy efficient and to help you save on cooling and heating costs? What if you could maintain a stable, comfortable temperate for your home all year round – no matter the season?

By double glazing your windows, you can reduce your energy use and save money. That’s not the only benefit to double glazed windows. Read on to learn about 10 awesome benefits of double glazing windows.

How Do Double Glazed Windows Work?

Regular windows are usually made up of a thin 3mm pane of glass. Double glazed windows, however, use two panes of thick glass with a pocket of argon gas air between them. The two window panes are set up on a single frame. The argon gas between the two panes acts as insulation.

The insulation keeps warm air in during the winter and cool air in during the summer.

What are The Benefits to Double Glazing Windows?

1. Controls Temperature in your Home

With double glazed windows, you can maintain a stable temperature throughout the seasons.

The average temperature during Sydney’s winter can drop to a chilly 8.8 degrees Celsius. And during summer days the temperature can go up to 25.8 degrees Celsius with a humidity of up to 65%.

This range in temperatures throughout the year ensures that you are constantly cranking up the air conditioner or turning up the heat. Double glazed windows work to create a stable temperature in your home.

2. Saves on Energy Costs

In the winter, up to 20% of heating escapes through windows without insulation. Double glazed windows trap that warm air in during the cold winter days and keeps the cold air out. As a result, there is less of a need to turn on your heating systems.

3. Noise Reduction

Noise pollution has a detrimental effect on our health. The health effects of noise pollution include hearing problems, problems sleeping and increased blood pressure.

In large cities such as Sydney, noise pollution is inevitable. When you’re home you can hear the traffic outside and cars honking at each other during the day. At night you can hear airplanes flying overhead or neighbours playing music. Then there’s construction which always seems to be ongoing.

You can soundproof your home and transform it into a peaceful sanctuary. While regular windows are 3mm thick, double glazed windows are 8.76mm. That thickness of the windows combined with the 14mm argon gas air gap create a noise-cancelling effect.

4. Privacy

Are you always fumbling with blinds or curtains to maintain your privacy? Do you wish you can fling your curtains open and let the light in without having anyone being able to see you?

Double glazed windows offer a solution to maintaining privacy without the use of curtains or blinds. No need to colour-coordinate your curtains to your furniture or having to install curtain rods on your walls.

5. Increases Value of Your Property

According to, in 2014 home improvements returned 62% of their costs at resale.

Double glazing your windows can be considered an investment. You are making your home energy efficient and as a result, adding value to your home.

6. Protects Against UV damage

When we think of sun damage, we think of the damage to our skin. Unfortunately, the sun can be harmful to our homes as well.

In fact, the sun is one of the top sources of damage to our homes. Damaging UV rays can fade wood furniture, your flooring, and your upholstery. Even your artwork isn’t safe since the sun can cause paintings to fade as well.

Homes that are at the highest risk are ones that directly face the sun.

Double glazing your windows can reduce UV damage. We treat our frames with an anti-UV formula to protect from the sun.

7. Reduces Condensation

During cold winter months, condensation on windows can be caused by low temperatures outside and high humidity inside. Condensation can also lead to unsightly mould growth.

Double glazing windows in your home can reduce condensation by maintaining a stable temperature throughout the house. The double glazing works by keeping the window at room temperature.

8. Increased Security

Windows with double glazing are thicker, stronger, and more durable than regular windows. They are harder to break into and can deter theft and protect your home.

9. Looks Attractive

Double glazed windows offer a sleek, modern look and feel to your home.

Bring light into your home. With double glazed windows, you don’t need to cover up your windows.

10. Customizable

You have a variety of material options when it comes to double glazing your windows. For the frame material, you can choose aluminium, which is inexpensive but is not the ideal material for insulation.

Another option is timber frames, which is a better insulator but can degrade faster than other materials. Frames made from uPVC material, however, are durable and can provide effective insulation.

You also have a variety of window options to choose from including tilt and turn window, fixed windows, awning windows, casement windows or double hung windows. You can also customize your windows from a range of colours and styles.

Improve your Living Space

By double glazing your windows, you are protecting your home and adding comfort and value to your living space. You are also reducing your environmental footprint and saving on energy costs.

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