Behind The Times – Australian’s Paying More For Less

Here’s a fun fact; Australian’s pay the highest power bills in the world… That’s right. Let that sink in for a minute. Take a deep breath.

How could this happen?

How can it be possible that we boast world leading coal and natural gas reserves, yet pay through the teeth to switch on our own lights, TV’s, air-conditioners?

What are we doing about this? Well, not as much as we could, it seems.
Despite being faced with massive spikes in energy costs, and matching it with consequent disdain, we aren’t doing enough to help ourselves.

While being readily accessible for many years, overall, Australian’s still aren’t hopping aboard the energy-saving train.

In fact, Australian’s are years behind the energy efficiency movement. Take Germany for example.

Double-glazed windows are the industry standard. And Australia? Not only is it not compulsory, it is statistically rare for a home to have double-glazed windows and doors.

Perhaps if solar panels and double-glazed products were advertised more directly as “money-saving products” instead of applying the less engaging “energy saving” tag. Because, essentially, that’s what they are; investments in your own home that add value to your property and actively save you money.

There has never been more incentive for Australian homeowners to invest in energy efficiency. The higher the cost of energy soars, the more money homeowners with double-glazed windows save, rubbing their hands together in their climate-controlled homes.

Many Australian’s have been asking themselves; “is it worth it?” or; “can I afford it?”. The more critical question in modern Australia is; “can I afford not to?”.

Take a minute to look at the benefits of double-glazing for example.

1. Reduces energy loss by up to 80%. Do some quick maths and apply that to your energy bills.

The savings speak for themselves. The windows pay for themselves.

2. Climate control. Keep a consistent temperature in the home all year round. Keep the heat/cool in/out – the choice is yours.

3. Home value. Double glazed houses fetch a higher selling price. Not only are you saving money while living in the home, you are earning more when it comes time to sell.

4. Noise reduction. Traffic noise, neighbours – whatever the source – you won’t hear it. Get the good night’s sleep you deserve.

Need more convincing? Take a look at our range of value-adding products to start saving money the government is leeching from you.

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