The REAL Cost Of Double Glazing

There are several factors that contribute to the overall cost of a double-glazing job. Obviously, there are aspects such as the size of the windows/doors, house size/number of units, installation costs etc.

Beyond all the known benefits of double-glazed windows and doors, the main deterrent continues to come back to the initial outlay – the extra cost compared to a standard window installation.

It’s no secret that double-glazed products will cost you more than single paned, simpler products.

We aren’t here to tell you we can compete with the prices of standard glass suppliers. That’s because we aren’t a standard glass supplier.

It takes a forward-thinking mind to look past the initial cost of something and see the it can deliver in the future. This is particularly difficult when budgets restrict homeowners and new home builders.

However, the ‘cost’ of double-glazing isn’t indicative of its overall value. How?

Double-glazing is an ongoing investment. From day one, you can be positively improving the cashflow of your property by negating your heating and cooling costs – for good.

Look at it this way. Say, for example, the difference between your average window quote and double-glazing quote is $3,000 (hypothetically).

Double-glazing can save a home between 30-50% on energy bills, depending on personal energy consumption. Now crunch some numbers on what your energy costs were in the previous year with standard windows/doors. Apply the percentage, and work out what double-glazing would have saved you.

You can now determine how long it would take for the addition of double-glazing to make up the difference in the initial cost. It may only be a couple of years – after that, you’re generating free money with your windows, who would’ve thought?


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, homes with a higher energy efficiency rating are worth more? Yep, each incremental rating increase (from 0-10) raises the property value by 2.4%!

If your home is worth $500,000, and installing double-glazed products adds a star to your property’s energy rating, its overall value climbs by $12,000! Suddenly, these windows are paying for themselves.

An initial question in the process is “can we afford double-glazed windows and doors?”. But, if you can look at the potential, endless future savings, a more valid question is “can we afford not to?”.

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