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Ecovue provides NSW with the highest quality double glazed windows and doors on the market. We source our products direct from the UK, and our customers reap the rewards with guaranteed performance and sustainability for years to come.

Fortunately, Victorians are also able to benefit from our uPVC products. Our distributors – Ecostar – stock and supply the same quality window and door systems as Ecovue, but are now accessible to those in and around Melbourne.

As we enter the depths of winter and the mercury plummets, there is no better time for Victorians to take full advantage of uPVC technology.

Our partnership extends our reach to more Australians, making our unrivalled product quality more accessible to homeowners.

Whether it’s a new build or door and window replacement on an existing property, Ecovue and Ecostar are experienced experts delivering high standards to meet our own high expectations.

Why Victorians should invest in uPVC double glazed doors/windows Victoria is cold. Sometimes – it’s very cold. Many Victorian homes’ energy bills skyrocket during the winter months as residents attempt to fight the frost. Double glazed windows and doors provide a barrier from the elements, disallowing the cold to enter the house, while keeping the heat in. Less energy is required to keep your home warm, meaning you are actively lowering your ongoing expenses by investing in double glazed products.

Not only will you experience more comfortable living conditions and save money, double glazing a home increases its value should you ever move in the future.

Other benefits?

  • Noise cancellation properties
  • More resistant to break-ins
  • Increased bushfire resistance
  • Variety of design options
  • Quality guaranteed via our 10-year warranty
  • Year-round benefits (heat/cool)


The roadblock for Victorian’s was that our products were only available in NSW – but our distribution now allows us to deliver comfort and efficiency to you.

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