Sydney homeowners are increasingly encompassing the benefits of double-glazed windows and doors, incorporating them into new homes and renovations. Realising the potential ongoing savings on energy bills, quality temperature control and noise reduction are catalysts for the spike in popularity. Couple the functionality benefits with the unrivalled aesthetical capabilities, and double-glazed windows and doors become more than that, they become an investment in your home, which is you and your family’s most important asset other than each other.

The options are endless when considering double glazed products; design, framing, colour, size, placement etc.

Extensive flexibility is great for new home builders and renovators – but remember – double glazing your property is a quality option, and should to be paired with materials that effectively complement that quality.

Frames are an equally important element in the double-glazing process.

Aluminium –

Aluminium is a reliable, cost effective framing material, yet contradicts what you are trying to achieve when double glazing. This is because they are a high conductor of heat and cold. This means they don’t keep the heat out in summer and let it out in winter, undoing all the good work of the double-glazed installation! While the cheaper price may be initially attractive, it will ultimately prove more expensive over time.

Timber –

While timber frames are more thermally efficient than aluminium, the drawback with this variety is its susceptibility to weather. Over time, timber will naturally degrade a lot faster than other materials. Fading, warping, and rotting are potential problems that will arise from facing the elements of the sun, wind, and rain. This limits timber’s lifespan and increases maintenance costs. In Australia’s harsh climate, it’s not worth the risk.

uPVC – Our Choice

With years of industry experience, the Ecovue team feels we have the responsibility and capacity to supply the best product to our valued customers. In our opinion, this is uPVC. uPVC has evolved since the 1940s to become a universally used, cost effective, safe, and environmentally efficient material.

What sets it apart from the rest is its durability and efficiency. It eliminates any energy wastage and will help you achieve the desired 22°-23° degree inside temperature, year-round. It will insulate your property from external noise, adding value to your investment. Our uPVC frames will stand the test of time. They will not require re-painting, coating, or replacing. They won’t warp, rot, or corrode, even in salty coastal climates or windy, wet tropical areas. No expensive maintenance costs, no worries. In fact, Ecovue is so confident in our frame’s durability that we offer a 10-year warranty on all double-glazed products.

To put it simply, uPVC is the best quality frame for double-glazed windows and doors.

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