Double Glazed vs Single Glazed Windows: Which One Is Better For My House?

The decision of widow glazing is highly dependent on your budget and the type of insulation you need. Besides, it’s difficult to tell which one is better than the other.

Are you planning to do window installation for your new apartment? Or do you have plans to renovate your old windows?

If yes, you must have come across this. “Single and double glazing windows!”

Are you wondering which one will suit your needs?

Discover how to choose between double glazing and single glazed windows in this article…

What You Need to Know About Double Glazed Windows

Double-glazed windows add an extra layer of insulation to your home. The two sheets of glass are more energy efficient than one.

Thanks to it, your heating and cooling costs will go down!

Advantages of Double-Glazed Windows

Are you wondering why your home might need double-glazed windows? They have several benefits as outlined here;

1. Thermal Isolation

Keeping your house at a constant temperature is a complicated task. You don’t have to struggle anymore!

With double-glazed windows, things become easier. It reduces heat losses by almost 25%. Just what you need!

Even though the price is quite high, the best thing is to choose double-glazed windows. The isolation of the temperatures is guaranteed with this choice. Also, pay attention to the type of profile that makes up the window.

Do you have all that in mind? If yes, then you’ll be able to enjoy complete thermal insulation.

2. Less Noise

No matter how quiet your residence is, the streets will never lack noise. This noise can sometimes cause discomfort.

Double glazed windows provide a perfect sound barrier. Acoustic insulation occurs due to the three layers that make up these windows.

It’s necessary to clarify that this does not guarantee total soundproofing. But the intensity of the noise gets reduced.

3. Decreased Condensation

Condensation occurs in spaces where there’s a strong temperature contrast.

Are you tired of condensing humidity on your conventional windows? The installation of double glazed windows might be the perfect solution you’re seeking.

Their insulating capacity prevents water droplets from forming on the glass. Besides, it reduces the thermal sensation inside the house.

4. Greater Security

These windows offer greater strength and durability. It’s extremely difficult to break these crystals with a blow. Hence, the inhabitant of the house enjoys greater tranquillity.

The sealing of the double glazing helps to create this security. It’s also possible to place a laminated glass like the car windshields. In the event of breakage, there’s no risk of the pieces of the glass falling off.

This protects you from harm. Intruders are also prevented from entry.

Single Glazing

Single glazing is a classic window with a single glass inserted into the frame. This is the simplest version of the design. However, you should note that it least protects you against cold and noise.

Do you want to save your energy costs? Don’t think of single pane windows. They don’t prevent heat loss. They form condensation, especially in winter.

Your money is too precious to get wasted! Better invest in double pane windows.

These installations occur on balconies, verandas and in country houses. It’s also possible to use single glass frames in some types of industrial buildings.

For centuries, window installations used single set glass. Nowadays, they are less used. This is because its disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

Let us look at them!

Benefits of Single Glazed Windows

Did you know that single glazed windows have their benefits too? Let’s take a look at them.

  • There is fairly low thermal insulation. A single glazed window is half the performance of a double glazed window
  • Single glazed windows are available in several thicknesses. It ranges from the finest to the thickest (about ten millimetres)
  • Temperature and light also play a major role. Rooms equipped with single-glazed windows are bright and heat up faster
  • The price for single glazed windows is low. The best performance is the single glazed PVC window
  • There’s an unlimited variety of colours. Simple glass panes make up church glasses and decorative slugs. This gives the windows a special charm
  • They’re mostly used for decorative purposes. Single glazing is also used for historic windows in the protection of monuments

The Disadvantages of Single Glazed Windows

The disadvantages are equally enormous. They include:

1. High Heating Costs

Single-glazed windows may be nostalgic and charming. Unfortunately, they cannot withstand thermal insulation requirements. On the one hand, they are poorly insulated. The windows are often leaking.

When you use them, get ready to pay horrendous heating costs.

So choose wisely! It’s certain that you wouldn’t want to spend more for less.

2. Safety Risk

There is a high risk of injury if a glass pane breaks. This breaking behavior no longer meets today’s safety standards.

3. Harmful to the Climate

Windows with single glass are major energy guzzlers. They put a heavy strain on the environment.

4. Miserable Noise Protection

Single glazing offers little protection against noise from outside. There’s hardly any sound insulation.

5. Bad Burglary Protection

Glazed windows can be insecure for burglary protection. They afford burglars virtually no resistance

It’s true that single window glazing has some benefits. However, it doesn’t meet the requirements for thermal and sound insulation.

Simple Glazing or Double Glazing! Which One to Choose?

In general, double glazing has become the norm in today’s construction and renovation. The Glazing is declined under all the materials: PVC, aluminium, and wood.

With all this said, it’s now up to you to make the right choice.

That won’t be too difficult for you! However, the price may now be the only obstacle standing on the way.

If so, take this free counsel.

Opt for single glazing for the interiors and double glazing for exterior windows. This will lower the amount needed to get the work done.

Bottom Line

Could you have been troubled choosing between single glazed windows versus double pane windows?

You no longer have to!

Take all the above factors into account. They’ll help you make a good choice.

Finally, it’s always prudent to seek help. There are professionals who can guide you in choosing the right windows.

Don’t do everything alone!

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