When Should You Replace Your Double Glazed Windows?

There are many advantages to double glazed windows. For one, they provide better insulation than windows that aren’t double glazed. This means that your home loses less heat when the weather is cold, and keeps cooler in the summer months when hot sun is beating down.

Having double glazed windows can also help reduce noise in your home, which makes having them a good investment. In fact, many home buyers appreciate these windows when looking at a home, so having them installed is a great way to improve your property’s resale value.

If you already have double glazed windows, you’ve likely been appreciating the many benefits they offer. But how do you know if, and when, your windows need to be replaced?

To learn more about when to replace your double glazed windows, read on:

Are You Noticing Leaking Around Your Double Glazed Windows?

If you notice water leaking through your window frame when it’s raining outside, it may be because the window’s weather seal is failing. This could be because it’s worn down over the years and the seal is no longer intact, or due to damage of some kind. If the seal of the double glazed window frame doesn’t seem to be the problem, try checking the drainage section to see if it’s blocked.

A small leak can quickly become a bigger one if it’s not fixed early on, so don’t hesitate to seek the help of a professional if you notice leaks near your window frame.

Have You Got a Problem With Condensation?

One of the advantages of these types of windows is their ability to keep heat from moving past one side of the glass to the other. Instead, the heat gets caught between the two sheets of glass. This is great for temperature control and can aid in reducing your energy bills, but the entrapment of heat can also cause condensation.

Double glazed windows are sealed to maximise insulation, but when that seal breaks or cracks, moisture gets trapped between the panes. Depending on the temperature and humidity, your window may fog with condensation.

Usually, a little condensation isn’t a problem, but when it forms between the two panes of glass on your double glazed window, the is an indication that the seal between the two panels has a leak. If this has happened, you will need to replace your double glazed glass as soon as possible.

You can use an extractor fan to help remove damp air or leave windows open to help keep condensation at bay. However, you’ll still need to replace the window eventually since the seal has been damaged.

If You Have Chips or Cracks in the Glass

Cracks can occur without you even noticing it. You might bump into one of your windows with a heavy object, or a child might throw a ball or at the window, and a small, thin crack develops. The problem with these is they can spread fast and turn into a much larger crack.

If any of your windows have chips or cracks in the glass, your only option is to have the damaged window panes replaced. Waiting to do so could result in mouldy condensation, a leak, or even flooding. If mould starts to develop, you have a potential health issue on your hands.

It’s best to get a cracked or chipped window fixed right away. A cracked or a chipped window limits insulating abilities and will also affect your utility bill and the temperature within the room.

You Notice a Draught

When the seal of your window has broken down, you’ll probably notice a draught coming through. If you feel draughts flowing between the frame of the window and the surrounding house frame, this means the sealant has failed.

A slight draught might not seem like a big deal, but it can make it hard to regulate the temperature in your home. Plus, any breaks in your window frame’s sealant offer an opportunity for insects to get inside, which is another reason to get your windows inspected if you do feel a draught.

When a draught is present, you’ll either need to have the sealant repaired or the window replaced. A professional window installer can tell you what you’ll need to do to fix the issue.

If Your Windows Are More Than 20 Years Old

Even windows that are holding up pretty could benefit from modern double pane technology if they are more than 20 years old. Today’s window panes offer better insulation, more efficient UV protection, and are filled with insulating argon gas.

Old windows, even when they are double glazed, have little to no UV protection which means that the sun’s ultraviolet rays can still easily enter your home. UV rays can fade your carpets and your furniture, especially in homes with lots of windows. And the UV exposure isn’t great for pets or people either.

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