Double glazing that insulates windows and doors can reduce noise by up to 80%.

For noise reduction, double glazing is the only effective solution. Noise can affect your sleep, your stress levels, concentration, performance at work and your health. We live in an increasingly noisy society with traffic noise, train and airplane noise, noise from barking dogs and noisy neighbours. This is becoming an increasingly common problem for many of us.

Most noise enters a room through windows and doors. The thinnest barrier between the interior of the average home and the outside world is the windows and/or doors. Standard windows are made from a single sheet of 3mm glass. This isn’t enough to provide protection from external noise.

Ecovue double glazed windows and double glazed doors have two panes of thick glass that is filled with argon gas.

Noise hits the first pane of glass and dissipates before penetrating the second pane of glass making it difficult for noise to penetrate through a closed window or door.

Don’t endure sleepless nights any longer.


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