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Ecovue Double Glazing has been installing quality European double glazed windows and doors for over 6 years. Our supplier in the UK has over 35 years experience and has invested over $4 million on the latest production machinery at its UK manufacturing plant over the last three years to ensure that product quality remains the best that money can buy.

And it is not just superb product quality that makes Ecovue so special. We promise to give you a first class service, from your initial contact with us all the way through to a professional installation by Ecovue’s own company employed skilled craftsmen.

We take great pride in looking after our customers and their homes.

Double Glazed Awning Windows

Double glazed awning windows have been seen on homes and buildings for a long time and remain a traditional favourite. Awning windows are perfect for a variety of conditions as they provide unobstructed views of the outside world with a simple yet elegant pane of glass. They let in lots of light and are combined with a sturdy frame that can last a long time.

At Ecovue, we have awning windows that open outward and use friction stays to lock in an open position. Their modern style is a great way of opening up a room to allow for natural ventilation.

Our double glazed awning window hardware includes a 6-point locking system that not only ensures added security, but provides an airtight seal when closed. This gives it zero air infiltration and maximum protection against the elements. Awning window winders such as our motor chain drivers can be used on this window for remote locations, such as high-lite windows.

We can custom build double glazed awning windows to suit any home or building. The maximum size for our awning windows is 1625mm wide x 1535mm high.

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Ecovue’s wide selection of awning windows make them ideal for use in both residential and commercial buildings that can be seen in homes in Sydney. Our awning windows are in uPVC frames and have superior thermal insulation. They are also engineered to be durable and easy to maintain. We only use high quality double glazed toughened glass to provide energy efficient, affordable comfort.

Additionally our awning windows are available in a broad range of power-coated colours and finishes to add a touch of style to your home or building.

With Ecovue, you can be assured of top quality awning window hardware and the best installation service at very competitive prices. We are fully committed to meeting all your requirements and will remain dedicated in providing the best awning window solutions from start to finish.

Glazing Choices

SLIDING RANGE (as standard)

5mm toughened LowE glass
12mm argon gas
5mm toughened clear glass
Achieves u-value of 2.2

ALL OTHERS (as standard)

4mm toughened LowE glass
20mm argon gas gap
4mm toughened clear glass
Black warm edge spacer
Achieves u-value of 1.4


8.76mm toughened laminated clear glass
14mm air gap
6mm toughened clear glass
Achieves 39 decibel reduction

Low E is a coat applied to the inside pane which reflects 75% of solar radiant heat and UV rays. Argon Gas is available to further improve the thermal efficiency rating.

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